Zardari terms PTI govt incompetent to steer country out of crisis

NA Speaker appoints Zardari as head of three standing committees

ISLAMABAD: Former president Asif Ali Zardari said that he had never been a beneficiary of the national reconciliation ordinance (NRO).
“The last chief justice had nullified the NRO. So I had to contest the cases in courts,” the PPP leader told media persons in Islamabad.”The NRO was used as a publicity stunt by our rivals. Some parties may have benefited from it. But I got the relief through courts.”
Mr Zardari called on all political parties to join hands to steer the country out of crises, saying the incumbent government was incompetent.
He said that Pakistan was an agro-industrial country, adding its policies should be made accordingly.
“We have to ask ourselves. Are we an industrial country? Are we an agro-industrial country? In my view, we are an agro-industrial country.”
He lamented that nobody in Pakistan had decided about making futuristic policies according to the country’s growing population.
“We had introduced futuristic policies when we formed the government. But when Mian sahib came int power, he discarded our policy. We now have Prime Minister Select.”


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