Nisar expresses concern over FM’s statement about joint military operation

Nisar Ali Khan

TAXILA: Former interior minister and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan Thursday expressed serious concern over foreign minister’s statement regarding joint operation against Haqqani network in Pakistan and said that Pakistan’s military is capable enough to conduct operations.
He was addressing a press conference here. The former interior minister said that if the foreign minister has not issued clarification about the statement, then it is a serious issue. He said that if the joint operation was suggested to US, then joint operation should also be carried out in Afghanistan as Pakistan has proof that the terrorist groups are operating from the other side of the border.
While referring to the cases against the Sharif’s, the senior PML-N leader said Pakistan has both democracy and rule of law. Nisar said that the decision of the cases will be given by the courts and nowhere else. He said that if Sharif family did not get justice from one court, then other court could be approach for justice.
“It is a part of our oath to not criticise the institutions,” he said.
He said that he always stood by his stance that no confrontation with the judiciary should take place as it does not go in the favour of Nawaz Sharif.
He cautioned ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif against locking horns with the judiciary as he and his family face Supreme Court sanctioned accountability references.
“My opinion is that we should fight our case in the courts with full force without any confrontation with courts. This is not right for Nawaz Sharif, the party, institutions or the country,” he said.
“I would like to believe that the courts are deciding on the facts of the case presented before them,” he added.
He rejected reports about rifts in PML-N and said that there was no forward bloc in the ruling party.


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