Amnesty International demands recovery of missing social activist


LAHORE: International rights organisation Amnesty International has demanded that the Pakistani government immediately ensure the recovery of missing Lahore-based activist Raza Khan.
“The Pakistani authorities must take all measures as may be necessary to investigate Raza Khan’s fate immediately,” Amnesty’s Deputy South Asia Director Dinushika Dissanayake said in a statement.
“Scarcely does a week go by without Amnesty International receiving reports of people going missing in Pakistan,” Dissanayake said. “Many of them may have been subjected to enforced disappearances, which is a crime under international law.
“In October, Pakistan was elected to the UN Human Rights Council on a pledge to uphold universal human rights for all. But we’ve seen few effective attempts to investigate these disappearances and no one has ever been held accountable for them,” he added.
Raza had gone missing from his residence in Model Colony in Naseerabad on December 2.


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