Rashid Latif opens ‘Pandora’s Box’ on match fixing


LAHORE: Former skipper and ace wicketkeeper Rashid Latif has opened a new ‘Pandora Box’ on match-fixing as he revealed to have been contacted by a bookie back in 2003.
As per details, Rashid Latif claimed that he met bookie Ratan Mehta as he was directed by that time manager Haroon Rasheed to do so.
However, Rashid also revealed that Haroon didn’t have any clue that the person he was going to meet was a bookie.
The former captain also claimed that after rejecting the offer made by Ratan, he reported to ICC about the matter however PCB was really angry with him over the matter.
Rashid also demanded that PCB and ICC should further strict the rules and laws pertaining to match-fixing.


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