100 samples of Zamzam water tested everyday

100 samples of Zamzam water tested everyday
100 samples of Zamzam water tested everyday

ISLAMABAD: At least 100 samples of Zamzam water are checked everyday during Ramadan to ensure that it is not contaminated and is free of microbes.
The tests are conducted by Suqiya Zamzam, which works under the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, Saudi Gazette reported.
Zamzam water samples are collected for test from all outlet points, reservoirs and sealing stations, said Director of the Department of Suqiya Zamzam Osama Al-Hajili.
He said that such tests are conducted to ensure safety and guarantee safe access to the blessed water to visitors and pilgrims.
The Grand Mosque has about 660 Zamzam drinking stations in addition to about 25,000 containers to provide Zamzam water.
There are 352 stainless steel tanks to preserve the blessed Zamzam water inside the Grand Mosque.
The Presidency completed just before Ramadan the restoration project of the Zamzam well.
The Zamzam well project had two parts. The first part was to build five transits from the eastern side of the mataf while the second part involved sterilizing the water and removing concrete and iron particles from the area surrounding the well.
The second phase of the project purified the water from harmful materials and increased the outflow of Zamzam water.


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