3 Kashmiri youth killed in firing by Indian forces in held Kashmir


SRINAGAR: A young man was killed and at least 14 others wounded on Monday in held Srinagar when Indian forces fired at anti-government protesters who were protesting against the killing of two Kashmiris by security forces earlier in the day.
Indian troops cordoned off southern Drubgam village early on Monday following a tip that suspects were hiding there, police said.
As the troops came closer to a cluster of homes, suspects fired at them, triggering a fierce exchange of gunfire which lasted for several hours, police said. Two Kashmiris were killed and at least two soldiers, including an army officer, were injured in the fighting, police said.
At least 15 residents were reported injured in the clashes, including a young man who was hit by bullets and died in a hospital.
An army helicopter hovered over the area to coordinate the operation with ground troops, officials said. Kashmiri leaders who challenge India’s rule over the region condemned the killings and called for a protest strike on Tuesday.


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