Afghan man arrested for supplying drugs to universities in Islamabad

Police arrest man for allegedly killing sister, brother-in-law in Abbottabad

ISLAMABAD: An Afghan national was arrested by officers of the Karachi Company police station in Islamabad on Saturday for supplying drugs to university students in the capital.
More than one kilogramme of heroin and almost 115kg of ice (methamphetamine) has been confiscated from him, according to the police.
“He used to buy huge amounts of ice powder from Peshawar and supplied it to university students,” said SHO Salim Raza. “Teenagers start using the drugs under peer pressure and end up getting addicted,” he said.
Muhammad Ahmed Mansoor had been staying in Islamabad illegally, according to the police. A case of illegal citizenship has been filed against him.
Recently, several drug dealers have been arrested from the capital. The police have said that they’re making efforts to rid the city of drug dealers and users.


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