Afghanistan denies China is building military base in Badakhshan

Afghan President Ghani extends ceasefire truce with Taliban

BEIJING: Afghanistan has refuted claims that China wants to establish a military base in the northeast province of Badakhshan in a bid to extend its presence in Afghanistan, a Chinese Defence journal “China Military” reported while quoting an Afghan media report on Monday.
“Such military cooperation by the foreign countries will not take place without the approval of the national security council and the president of Afghanistan,” Afghanistan Times quoted presidential office as saying.
It added that China like other regional countries was a victim of terrorism, emphasizing that Beijing was cooperating with Afghanistan and the region in fighting terrorism.
“Cooperation between Afghanistan and China has wide dimensions, but the Chinese military presence in Afghanistan has not yet discussed.”
Beijing has also denied the reports. Speaking at a regular news briefing on Jan 25, Defence Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said that the two countries had normal security cooperation and that China like other countries was supporting Afghanistan in defense and counter-terrorism.
“The so-called issue that China is building a military base in Afghanistan is groundless,” Wu said.
The ministry has also previously dismissed reports that Chinese military vehicles were patrolling inside Afghanistan.


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