Afghanistan-Pakistan relations are state-to-state not brotherly: Dr Ashraf Ghani

KABUL: Afghan President Dr Ashraf Ghani has said that the relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan are not brotherly, but state-to-state relations.
In an interview with BBC, the Afghan president said that Islamabad should have one stance against all kind of terrorism whether it was in Pakistan or any other country. He said that Pakistan should have similarly stance against the anti-Pakistan terrorist and anti-Afghanistan terrorists. He said, ”our relations with Pakistan are not like two young brothers, but these ties are between two states.”
 He said that Pakistan has admitted that it was in undeclared war situation with Afghanistan during last 13 years. He termed peace between Afghanistan and Pakistan as the basic peace and said that unless peace was restored between the two country, the militants hideouts would remain and their support base would also continue.  


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