Afridi says will move court as Miandad tries to bury the hatchet


KARACHI: Thanking Javed Miandad for forgiving him, Shahid Afridi on Tuesday said he would seek justice from a court of law if the former cricket great didn’t withdraw match fixing allegations against him.
In a series of Tweets, the flamboyant all-rounder said Minadad’s allegations caused pain and grief to his family and fans, expressing the hope that the former captain would take back his words. “Else I will have to seek answer and justice to clear my reputation in court,” he Tweeted.
“Javed Bhai has pardoned me? Thanks, But has he withdrawn his allegations, what has he got to say to that?,” he wondered.
Afridi said: “His allegations caused pain & grief to me my family and my fans, is he retracting from his actual allegation?”.
The tussle between the two great cricket icons seemed to end after former Miandad said earlier in the day he was forgiving Afridi for his insulting remarks.
He said in his statement that though he was badly hurt by Afridi’s remarks but as an elder he forgave him.
Miandad said this after former captain Wasim Akram called for an end to the ongoing war of words.
In his tweets on Tuesday, Wasim Akram also called for appropriate mediation between Miandad and Afridi instead of unwanted chaos.


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