Bilawal condemns Khyber News correspondent arrest, demands Ali Wazir’s production orders


ISLAMABAD: Condemning the arrest of Khyber News correspondent Gohar Wazir in Bannu, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari demanded of the government to release the journalist and produce MNA Ali Wazir in the National Assembly.
He was responding to a question during a press conference after appearing before the National accountability Bureau here on Wednesday. He said that the government wanted to control every institution and media. He said that he knew about the arrest of Khyber News’s correspondent, who was arrested for performing his professional duty. He said that the selected government wanted selected questions and selected news from the media.
He alleged Wednesday that Prime Minister Imran Khan was conspiring to take over all institutions in the country and form a one-party system.
Bilawal demanded that the National Assembly Speaker issue production orders for arrested MNA Ali Wazir. Bilawal added that Ali Wazir’s production orders should be issued so he could attend Friday’s session of the National Assembly.
“The speaker of the House needs to explain why no notice was sent to us. How is it that a member of the House was arrested? The speaker needs to explain himself.”


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