CM Khattak vows to continue anti-encroachment operation without any discrimination

PESHAWAR: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak here on Monday vowed that the anti-encroachment operation in the province would continue without any political discrimination that encroachment is the main cause of floods destruction.
Talking to media, CM Khattak said that that the provincial government had issued notices to the concerned parties adding that the anti-encroachment operation would be completed within the next three days.  He said that people had build houses over nullahs which disturb the smooth flow of flood water. He said that the government is preparing a map of nullahs and government lands and warned that those who had build houses over nullahs will not be compensated in case of any loss.
Talking about Chitral flood, CM Khattak said that the provincial government in collaboration with the federal government and Pak-army are working for the rehabilitation of Chitral flood effectees. He said that the provincial government is distributing relief goods in the flood hit areas through army.
About PTI-QWP talks to join the KP coalition government, CM Khattak said that talks between PTI and QWP are underway adding that QWP will soon join KP government.


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