CPEC was my dream for the people of KP: Zardari


PESHAWAR: Former president Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday said he stood for good relations with Pakistan’s neighbouring countries and criticised the PML-N government for creating discord along the lines of what he perceives to be ‘American foreign policy’.
Addressing a rally in Peshawar, the former president said that while he was in power, Pakistan’s relations with Afghanistan and India were good and there was peace.
“We should be friends with our neighbouring countries… [Prime Minister] Nawaz has the same thought process as the Americans when it comes to waging wars.”
“We will not let this war happen,” Zardari said.
Zardari said a fire is raging in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and those governing the province are not aware of it.
“They do not know how many brothers, sisters and children are homeless in KPK,” he said. “And now the limit has been reached, their [national identity] cards are being stopped, they are being imprisoned.”
“They [Pakhtun’s] are being asked why are you here in Punjab, in Balochistan, in Islamabad.”
“I am proud that Karachi is the biggest city of Pakhtuns,” Zardari said.
He added that the PPP has decided that FATA will be merged with KP, and rights will be given to FATA’s youth and women ─ “the same rights that are given to women in other provinces”.
“If we are given the opportunity we will give them their rights,” he added.
In a reference to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the ruling PML-N, Zardari said “those who said if electricity is not brought to the country in three months, four months we will change our name … today, i ask the world, what should we name them?”
Zardari also said the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor was his dream for the people of KP, adding, “we will fulfill this dream.”


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