Czech woman sentenced to 8 years, 8 months jail for smuggling heroin


LAHORE: A sessions court Wednesday sentenced a Czech national Tereza Hluskova to 8 years and eight months imprisonment and Rs 113,000 fine heroin smuggling case.
Hluskova was arrested while attempting to smuggle the heroin from Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport to Abu Dhabi last year.
Additional Sessions Judge Shehzad Raza had reserved its verdict in the case on March 12.
The hearing was attended by the deputy secretary of the Czech embassy.
The court in its verdict said the prosecution was successful in confirming Hluskova was guilty of smuggling heroin and that she could not prove her innocence.
The court further said she had the right to appeal her sentence. The court acquitted co-accused Shoaib on the grounds of not enough evidence against him.


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