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Doctors, paramedics on strike in Peshawar against Essential Services Act

PESHAWAR: Doctors and paramedical staff of all government hospital in Peshawar division are observing strike today against the imposition of Essential Services Act by the provincial government.
Except emergency, all other services in the hospitals are suspended.
The doctors and paramedics have threatened to extend strike to the whole province if their demands were not accepted.
Essential Services Act (ESA), 1958, banning strikes in health facilities, was invoked on Monday hours after employees announced a protest across Peshawar Division. The strike is against the Medical Teaching Institutions Reforms Act 2015 and the dissolution of the Post Graduate Medical Institution.
At a news conference at Peshawar Press Club on Monday, Minister for Health Shahram Khan Tarakai said the reforms act was prepared in consultation with all political parties and doctors. “I can say it was the only act in which we had to make around 120 amendments and the act was promulgated after detailed discussions.”
In case of violation of the act, the workers will be liable to face prison term for as long as one year, fine and dismissal from service.
KP Minister for Health, Shehram Tarkai said the enforcement of Essential Services Act will benefit everyone, adding, “A few people are protesting for the sake of their own interests”.