ECP members refuse to step down

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan rubbished Imran Khan’s demand on Monday calling for the incumbent election commission to resign having failed to perform its duties and having lost any moral justification to continue in their roles.
In his press conference following the commissions report, the PTI chief had said that in light of the commission’s observations on the shortcomings of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), there was no moral justification for the incumbent electoral body to stay.
“If the present Election Commission does not resign, having failed to perform its duties, then it means it will conduct the local government polls in Punjab and Sindh,” Khan noted.
The ECP has however stated that no official will resign at the behest of the PTI chief. The ECP adds that the 2013 general elections were the fairest of them all.

The Election Commission further added that Imran Khan should submit his recommendations to the reforms committee instead of hurling allegations. In light of the recommendations the 2018 general elections will be conducted in a better manner, the ECP concluded. 


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