Eight suspected Taliban militants ‘killed’ in drone strike in Afghanistan: Afghan media

Two militants killed in US drone strike in North Waziristan

KABUL: At least eight suspected Taliban militants were killed in a US drone strike targeted hideout in Badakshan area of Afghanistan’s area of Badakshan, Afghan media reported.
According to the report, as many as eight alleged Taliban militants were killed and more than 15 wounded in the drone strike carried out in Raghistan district. The drone strike also reportedly destroyed a cache of Taliban weapons, local officials said.
“In a series of ground and air operations, the NATO forces bombarded the enemy targets in Ghol Pala village in Raghistan district by using drones and as a result eight bodies of the enemy have been identified. Meanwhile, a large number of enemy fighters have been wounded and a great number of their heavy weapons were destroyed,” said Abdul Khaliq Aqsai, Badakhshan police chief.
The Taliban confirmed that a drone strike had been carried out but claimed that they suffered no casualties.
“The casualty toll inflicted against the Taliban by airstrikes in one hour, was not done by our security forces in months. We ask the central government to increase the airstrikes in Badakhshan,” said Bashir Samim provincial council member.
Meanwhile, Afghan journalists believe that currently Wardoj and Yamgan districts are fully controlled by the Taliban and clashes with security forces are regular in at least ten other districts.


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