Govt has to balance COVID-19 suppression and its impact on wider society: PM

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan says we will have to learn to live with corona virus for some time as its cure is not forthcoming soon.
Expressing views on corona situation in Islamabad today, he said medical staff around the world is fighting against the disease like their peers in Pakistan.
He said scientists and researchers worldwide are of the view that vaccine for corona virus may take more time to develop.
Imran Khan said government has to balance disease suppression as well as its impact on wider society.
He said Pakistan despite its limited resources gave a stimulus package of 8 billion dollars to its people, whereas the US allocated 2,200 billion dollars and Japan 1,000 billion dollars for this purpose.
Imran Khan said situation of lockdown in Pakistan is different than advanced countries. Here, we have to save our people against starvation as well.
He said according to a survey 25 million people were daily wage earners in 2017 and 2018 in Pakistan. He said today 150 million people have been directly or indirectly affected by lockdown.
He said cash transfers to people who have become unemployed due to corona virus will be made from Monday next from Prime Minister’s Fund.
The Prime Minister said we know that cases of corona will increase in Pakistan in the coming days, but we also have to protect our people from hunger.
He said the number of deaths due to corona virus in Pakistan is less than the projections.
However, we have to take maximum precautionary measures to not burden out limited medical resources. He said we are opening the businesses to restart economic activity but people must follow the SOPs given by the government, including social distancing and hand washing.
Imran Khan said Corona Relief Tiger Force will help provide rations to people as well as sensitize them.
The Prime Minister said closure of public transport is hurting the poor people. He asked the provinces to open public transport for facilitation of people.


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