Hafiz Saeed set to be freed on November 24

Hafiz Saeed

LAHORE:The chief of Jamaatud Dawa Hafiz Mohammad Saeed is likely to be released as the review board of the Lahore High Court Wednesday refused to extend his detention orders.
The review board, headed by Justice Abdul Sami Khan, refused to extended the detention orders for Hafiz Saeed after a senior official of finance ministry failed to convince the board that the release of Saeed could damage Pakistan diplomatically and financially.
The current house arrest of Hafiz Saeed is going to expire on Nov 24 (Friday).
The JuD chief had been placed under house arrest on January 31 for 90 days. Subsequently, his house arrest had been extended several times.
Saeed told journalists after hearing that an end to his detention is tantamount to the victory of truth, calling it “a serious blow” to India’s demands.
Earlier, Saeed’s counsel informed the board that a court had declared the detention of his four aides as illegal. He argued that there is no proof against him and he had been detained illegally. He alleged that the government had placed him under house arrest to oblige the United States.


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