Haroon Bilour’s widow returns compensation cheque

Haroon Bilour's widow returns compensation cheque

PESHAWAR: The widow of martyred ANP leader Haroon Bilour has returned the Rs0.5 million compensation cheque issued to her by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government.
Haroon Bilour’s widow said her husband sacrificed his life for a far greater cause than money.
The provincial government had issued a compensation cheque of Rs0.5 million to Bilour’s heirs. He was killed in a suicide bomb blast on July 10 during his election campaign for PK-78 Peshawar.
Bilour’s son Daniyal said his father and grandfather’s cause was far greater than this and they would not mar that cause by accepting compensation.
“The Bilour family will continue its struggle for peace and such cowardly attacks will not deter our resolve,” he said.
However, the ANP leadership expressed annoyance over the meagre amount offered to the family. The party said that the family should have been compensated under the Shuhada package.
Journalist Rahimullah Yusufzai wrote on Twitter that, “Samar Haroon Bilour today returned the Rs500,000 cheque sent by the KP govt as compensation for her martyred husband Haroon Bilour. The issue of compensation needs to be reviewed, made adequate and uniform as presently provinces pay different amounts to cops and civilians.”


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