High temperature and absence of breeze makes life difficult in Karachi

KARACHI: Mercury that rose to 44 plus degrees celsius in Karachi Sunday noon with little respite in the latter hours turned the weather all the more unbearable in the absence of sea breeze, the metropolis is largely known for.
Experts talking to APP attributed the intense weather condition to low pressure in the Arabian Sea causing humidity and surge in day as well as night temperatures.
“Since there is minimum temperature difference, often below three degree celsius, during day and night hours hence risk to get inflicted with heat wave has increased manifold,” said environmentalist Ali Hussain Dr.Muhammad Furqan, a senior general physician, when asked about needed cautions on part of the citizens, said extra care is needed in the current month of Ramzan.
“The foremost intervention is to avoid sun exposure,” he said.
Water intake at frequent intervals is cited to be prerequisite to avoid dehydration a common health related condition with severe implications, however, as many have to abstain therefore it is important for them to keep themselves restricted to cooler atmosphere.
Agreeing that suggestion not to move out of cool environment may not be possible for large majority of the citizens, Dr. Mukarram Hussain said people must use umbrella besides keeping their head covered with a wet towel or piece of cloth.
Wearing light colored clothes, preferably cotton is also highly recommended, he said advising citizens to consume simple food and seasonal fruits that may not be necessarily expensive.
“There are simple interventions we can resort to and avoid severe condition harming our health,” said the two doctors.
People were strictly advised to avoid rich and fried food items during suhoor and iftar time, otherwise too, with extra attention to ensure adequate water intake.
Emphasizing that light and nutritious food comprising curd, vegetable and fruits provide natural protection to the consumers, people in general were urged to curtail high intake of meat and oil.
Meanwhile, local authorities have also made special arrangements to provided needed care to the citizens and for the purpose each and every health care facility managed by KMC is on high alert with provision for heatstroke management units.
“These measures are part of our regular intervention adopted during summers so as to avert any untoward incident,” said a senior KMC official.
Professionals associated with KMC hospitals, health centers and clinics were said to have undergone refresher programs to handle possible cases of heat wave.
“This time of year our efforts are paying off as cases are being efficiently handled right from first level of care to tertiary levels,” he said. – APP


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