Irfan Mehsood’s ninth Guinness World record approved


ISLAMABAD: Pakistani athlete Irfan Mehsood had achieved his ninth Guinness World Records title for the most contact knee strikes in one minute (alternate legs).
Irfan had hit 83 contact knee strikes in one minute to achieve the record. Irfan’s eight World Record for Most two finger push-ups (two arms) in one minute carrying a 40 lb pack had also been approved.
Irfan who wore a rucksack packed with weights in his record attempt told APP that he completed 22 correctly performed push-ups using just his thumbs during the attempt in Dera Ismail Khan.
He said three of his records are pending with Guinness World Records and hopefully they will also be approved shortly.
Irfan’s other Guinness World Records tiles include Most thumb push-ups (both arms) in one minute (33), Most Bo staff strikes in one minute (216) and Most full contact knee strikes in one minute (alternate legs) (83).
Irfan would also be attempting another record of most knuckle push-ups with carting 60 lb in one minute at the end of this month in Waziristan.


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