Just concerns stance of US on Kashmir dispute is disappointing: Aziz

Sartaj Aziz

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister’s Adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz said the United State must start condemning severe human rights violation in Indian-held Kashmir instead of just expressing concern over the decade-old dispute.
In an interview with BBC Radio, Aziz rejected the impression that Pakistan was facing isolation on the international front.
He said it was extremely disappointing that there was no word of condemnation over the killings of innocent Kashmiris in the held valley from global advocates of human rights including the US.
Aziz said Kashmiris themselves would resolve the Kashmir dispute and no one could hold them back from fighting for freedom.
Amid weakening Pak-US relationship, he admitted that there was a change of stance in Washington’s policy towards Islamabad particularly with greater Chinese influence in Pakistan.
India was clearly taking advantage of that lack of trust, said added.
The advisor said China was a great friend, but Pakistan also wanted affable ties with the US, Indian and Afghanistan.
Commenting on the US Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent remarks in India, Aziz said Kerry had a history of picking words depending where was making the remarks.
He said the US envoy’s remarks in Pakistan would always be different from the ones he would make in India and so they do not make any difference.
As per the advisor, the entire world was aware how much Pakistan had suffered in the last three long years fighting terrorism in every corner of its territory and added, India was working to take that credit from Pakistan.
US Secretary of State John Kerry on his to India had urged Pakistan to join other nations in fighting terrorists within its borders.
He was of the view that Islamabad should not feel isolated by talks between the United States, India and Afghanistan next month in New York.
Showing concerns over increasing unrest in Kashmir, he also urged India and Pakistan to reopen talks to resolve the tensions between the two neighboring countries.


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