Karachi operation aainst MQM: Altaf

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain said Karachi operation is in progress exclusively against his party.
Addressing an Iftar party under the auspices of Lovers of Pakistan in London, Altaf said over 50 MQM activists have been disappeared and yet dozens others have been assassinated extra-judicially.
Despite the fact that Supreme Court of Pakistan mentioned in landmark its ruling militant wings hailing from several parties but Karachi operation is being directed against MQM alone, he pointed out.
He sounded off that attempt is being made to exterminate the MQM from the surface of the earth, adding the MQM’s Tanzeemi Committee does not exist at all.
It should be mentioned that Sindh rangers in one of its recent circulars claimed that party’s Tanzeemi Committee oversees the affairs relating the militant wing.
Muttahida chief also highlighted that Mohajirs have not been acceded to as the ‘sons of soil’ ever since 1947 and added, “We are resolute to render all sorts of sacrifices but will not yield to servility.”
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif did not bring into spotlight the Kashmir issue during his tete-a-tete with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, MQM chief underlined asserting that the government has forsaken Kashmir issue.


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