Khaqan Abbasi challenges PM to make his 20-years tax return public


LAHORE: Announcing publishing of his 20 years tax returns on website, the former prime minister and PML-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Thursday challenged Prime Minister Imran Khan and his ministers to do the same.
Addressing a press conference along with other PML-N leaders including Rana Sanaullullah, Khwaja Asif, the former prime minister said, “If Imran Khan has the guts and is not a coward, then he should publish his tax returns on the website and everything would become transparent.”
He said that if the PTI government remained for two more years, the Pakistan’s loans would rise by at least Rs10 trillion.
Abbasi said only the PML-N’s government projects would be completed and no new development project could be started in the upcoming couple of years. He said that the new taxes would render some 20,000-30,000 people jobless.
“We have presented to public what [former PM] Nawaz Sharif’s Rs10 trillion translated into. What [incumbent PM] Imran Khan’s Rs10 trillion would do is in front of the people too,” Abbasi said.
While shedding light on the development plans constructed during PML-N’s tenure, the leader said that Tarbela 4, Jhelum-Neelum project and several electricity projects were completed under the supervision of Nawaz Sharif who was PM at that time.
He claimed that some Rs5 trillion was paid in interest and another Rs3.8 trillion in defence. Abbasi then took another jibe at the PTI chief, saying had Imran Khan read the files and asked for guidance, he would not have had to come on national television at 12PM at night.
“Imran Khan leads the government but doesn’t seem to be aware of that fact,” he remarked.
The PML-N leader commented on how 10 months have passed since the 2018 elections but neither Khan nor his ministers sent any proof of corruption to the NAB or the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).
The former PM said that Imran Khan had directed to form commission for the investigation of loans. “We are ready to appear before the commission for interrogation as we are not afraid of inquiries,” he asserted.


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