KP’s govt, opposition appoint Azam Khan as consensus caretaker chief minister

Interim CM forms JIT for probe into police lines blast

PEHAWAR: The chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mehmood Khan and opposition leader Akram Khan Durrani have agreed on the name of former former chief secretary of the province Azam Khan for the caretaker chief minister.

The agreement was reached at a meeting of the chief minister and opposition leader at the Speaker House, which was facilitated by former chief minister Pervez Khattak. Pervez Khattak was also present in the meeting. They discussed different names for the caretaker chief minister. However, both agreed on 90 years old former chief secretary Azam Khan, who hails from Charsadda. Azam Khan has also served as provincial finance minister in 2007-8.

Chief Minister Mehmood Khan welcomed the appointment of Azam Khan as caretaker chief minister and said that the decision will give positive message to the people of the province that the politicians could resolve issues politically.  He said that the PTI and JUI have agreed on the name of Azam Khan.

The PTI had suggested the names of Sahibzada Saeed and Awais Yahya, he said, adding that when Imran Khan was informed by JUI’s proposal of Azam Khan, he did not oppose it.

Akram Khan Durrani said that it was for the first time in the province, that the government and opposition unanimously appointed a caretaker chief minister.

Meanwhile, Aimal Wali Khan, provincial president of ANP, has also welcomed the appointment of Azam Khan as caretaker chief minister. The ANP has recommended the name of former director general of Federal Investigation Agency Zafarullah Khan as the KP caretaker chief minister.


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