London-based economist Dr Imran Rasul quits Economic Advisory Council


ISLAMABAD: London-based economist Dr Imran Rasul Saturday also resigned as member of the government’s Economic Advisory Council (EAC) following the exclusion of Dr Atif Mian.
Earlier Asim Ijaz Khwaja also resigned in protest over Dr Atif Mian issue.
In a series of tweets, Dr Imran Rasul said, “with a heavy heart, I have resigned from the EAC this morning.”
Dr Rasul, a professor of economics at University College, London, said he “profoundly disagree[s]” with the circumstances in which Mian was asked to resign from the council. Basing decisions on religious affiliation goes against my principles, or the values I am trying to teach my children.”
“The establishment of the EAC and its members offered a great opportunity for better economic policy. Events these past 10 days have shown the best and worst of Pakistani politics at the moment.
“Truth be told, if there was one academic on the EAC that Pakistan needs, it was @AtifRMian. Resolving the macro and fiscal mess the country is in will lay the bedrock for social protection, poverty alleviation policies and other economic reforms the country also needs.”
“Pakistan is full of talent: I have seen this in the students/academics/orgs/NGOs/civil servants I have been lucky to work with. It needs leaders willing to draw on all this talent, and that are willing to appeal to our better sides, for the common good and not sow division. “
“I wish the government and EAC luck in their future work, and remain willing to offer non-partisan, evidence based advice that can help improve economic policy making in the country.”


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