May 9 incidents: Former minister Iqbal Wazir quits PTI

May 9 incidents: Former minister Wazir Iqbal Wazir quits PTI

PESHAWAR: Former provincial minister and PTI leader Mohammad Iqbal Wazir Friday announced parting ways with the party over May 9 violence, saying that he is not going to join any other party.
Addressing a press conference here, the former MPA from North Waziristan, Mohammad Iqbal Wazir, said that he always acted on the party leadership directives. He claimed that he had rejected offer of billions of rupees during Senate elections.
Iqbal Wazir said that he remained in Zaman Park whenever needed. However, he said, “I am against the violence incidents of May 9.” He announced resignation as district president of the PTI. He also announced parting ways with the PTI. “There is no pressure on me for quitting the party,” he said.
He further said, “My consciousness will never allow to me stay with a political party that is going against state institutions.”


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