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Navy day being observed today


KARACHI: Pakistan Navy day is being observed today (Saturday) to pay tributes to the Ghazis and war heroes whose sacrifices and gallant acts instill a renewed spirit in nation.
In his message on the occasion, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi said this day is reminiscent of a glorious chapter in our nation’s history when unmatched courage and unwavering commitment of Pakistan Navy quashed the pipe dreams and misplaced ambitions of our adversary.
He said Pakistan Navy through a bold and daring Operation Somnath attacked Indian Radar Station at Dwarka and right at the onset of the war gained psychological ascendancy.
Subsequently a single prowling submarine, PNS/M GHAZI maintained unchallenged superiority at sea throughout the war.
Abbasi said this effectively led to the might of the Indian Fleet including their Aircraft Carrier being confined inside the harbours.