Pakistan demands UN to increase number of peacekeepers in South Asia


NEW YORK: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Maleeha Lodhi on Tuesday demanded to increase the number of peacekeepers in view of increasing security threat in South Asian region.
Speaking to UN special committee on peacekeeping operations, Maleeha urged the United Nations to raise the number of peacekeepers in Pakistan and India due to the present situation of security.
The ambassador cited the need for the committee to address “both the urgent and the important.” Urgency now requires attention to the “grim” reality of peacekeeper casualties, she added.
Maleeha also noted the need to cleave to peacekeeping “fundamentals” even as the world adjust to new conflict context. Those fundamentals” support operational environments that help keep peacekeepers safe, she maintained.
The ambassador asserted that the root cause of problems have to be identified to achieve permanent peace.
She vowed that Pakistan will keep on cooperating with the peace missions of United Nations.


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