Pakistan, Iran agrees to cooperate against terror attacks


ISLAMABAD: Pakistani and Irani officials met at the border town of Taftan on Friday morning to step up bilateral cooperation against the threat of terror attacks and ensure legal movement along the shared 900-kilometer-long border.
The officials resolved to carry out an inspection of the site where a recent border skirmish between armed militants and Iranian military personnel resulted in the deaths of 10 Iranian soldiers, security officials said.
Deputy Commissioner Chaghi, Shahak Baloch led the Pakistani delegation, while the Iranian delegation was led by Colonel Najaf Safri.
The meeting, which continued for almost six hours resulted in an agreement between the two delegations to continue contact and ensure better coordination to avert any untoward incident in the future.
The meeting took place under strict security arrangements at Taftan. In addition to Levies forces, Frontier Corps personnel were also deployed in the area in an effort to ensure a smooth and peaceful exchange between the two delegations.
After the April 26 incident that resulted in the death of 10 Iranian soldiers, Iran warned Pakistan of potential military strikes aimed at terrorist ‘safe havens’ on the Pakistani side of the border.
Tensions further escalated as an Iranian brigadier called on Pakistan to “take responsibility” for its alleged role in the April 26 attack.
The Foreign Office termed Tehran’s threat as being against the “spirit of brotherly relations” between Pakistan and Iran.


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