Pakistan not treading Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s path of democracy: Nawaz

Nawaz Sharif

LAHORE: Former prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that Pakistan is not treading the path of democracy, which was set by Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
He was talking to newsmen during his visit to the mausoleum of Allama Iqbal here on Monday. He said Pakistan came into being with the power of vote, but now democracy and law had been sidelined.
He said that the time has come to bring Pakistan on the path of progress. “On the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan we have to vow to always respect [public] votes.”
Nawaz was of the view that the independence of Pakistan could not be celebrated with fervour as the country was detached from an essential part that belonged to it. He said Pakistan would have been moving towards development at a faster pace had Bangladesh still been part of the country.
“We could see a storm of people who accompanied us to Lahore,” he said. “They had not come for nothing, they could see prosperity coming to Pakistan and that their basic necessities were being fulfilled.”
He promised the public cheaper housing and access to justice if his party was voted in during the next election. Sharif lamented the invention of the Doctrine of Necessity, which he said “broke Pakistan apart”.
“We did not learn anything even when the country broke into two,” he added.
“We [the PML-N] have delivered in four years [of governance] and have not even completed five years as yet. People have seen that we have delivered; I have no doubt about this,” he said, going on to speak about eradication of terrorism, ending loadshedding in the country and economic progress ─ oft quoting election promises that he claimed to have delivered on during his tenure.
“This land is owned by 200 million people, not just a handful of people. If some people have homes and property, then the rest should have the same,” he said. “We wish to strengthen the country economically.”
“You said in 2013 that there is no electricity. Did Nawaz Sharif not give you electricity? Did he not give you gas? Did he not decrease terrorism? Watch television programmes from 2012 to see the state of Pakistan then.”


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