Pakistani armed forces defeated scourge of terrorism in befitting manner: President

Pakistani armed forces defeated scourge of terrorism in befitting manner: President

ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi says we have no bad intention against any other country but we know to defend our motherland from any kind of misadventure.
Addressing a conference on “Media and Conflict” in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said the valiant Pakistani armed forces combated and defeated the scourge of terrorism in befitting manner.
President said our armed forces have a wide range experience to deal with the menace of terrorism and the entire world can learn from us to cope with the menace.
The president then went on to talk about his understanding of conflict. “It has been my lifelong study to understand conflict,” he said. But he takes it from a more sociological and personal perspective: by first understanding it at the interpersonal, then family, then social and then nation levels. He chooses to give his own example by way of explaining, and his candid approach can perhaps allow one to overlook his delivery.
“What was surprising to me in my younger days was that people would interpret the same situation in different ways,” he admitted. “The first struggle in my life was to understand why this happens.” What he has concluded over his lifetime, then is that, different perspectives are unavoidable. But the tragedy of human experience is that different tellings of stories or interpretations of reality can lead to conflict. In your lifetime you may realise the pitfalls, as parents do he said, but this does not necessitate that your children or the next generation will understand and avoid these conflicts or pitfalls.
He learnt way mistakes are repeated when he received his first rude shock while studying in the US in the 1970s. He saw that generation learn from the Vietnam War but a subsequent generation repeat that mistake and enter into the conflict of the Iraq war. “I found that that generation had learnt but the next had to learn the same lesson in the same way,” he said. “Nations, like people, make mistakes.”
The president then went on to link misinterpretation of information, bias and the media to conflict and war. He was honest about himself as an emotional and rational being with biases. “I put people in compartments, pigeonholes myself, apply labels. Rude, not rude, good looking, bad looking. Based on my experience.” The only trouble is when bias leads to mass pain and suffering.


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