Parvez Elahi rearrested after release by anti-corruption court

Parvez Elahi rearrested after release by anti-corruption court

LAHORE: The Anti-corruption establishment of Punjab has rearrested former chief minister and PTI president Parvez Elahi in another case after a court ordered his release in a corruption registered in Gujrat.
The anti-corruption establishment presented the former chief minister in the court of Judge Ghulam Murtaza. After hearing the arguments of the lawyers from both sides, the judge had reserved the verdict. The court acquitted him from the charges in Gujrat corruption case and directed the anti-corruption establishment to release Parvez Elahi if he is not wanted in any other case.
The former chief minister was rearrested from the court premises in another case registered in Gujranwala.
Earlier talking to media at the court room, the President of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), vehemently asserted his innocence and proclaimed his unwavering support for the Pakistan Army. He expressed these sentiments during his appearance before a court today.
Parvez Elahi had been apprehended the previous day by the Punjab Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) in connection with a corruption case involving Rs70 million in development funds allocated for the Gujrat district. Regrettably, his request for bail was denied.
Prior to entering the courtroom, Elahi addressed the reporters present and adamantly proclaimed his innocence. He also emphasized his loyalty to the Pakistan Army, stating that he is a staunch supporter of the institution.
In a message directed towards PTI party workers and supporters, the former Chief Minister urged them to remain resilient and steadfast. He acknowledged the challenging circumstances but called upon them to maintain their strength and determination.



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