PM directs strict action against wheat, sugar, urea smugglers

PM inaugurates Land Information and Management System

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday directed the authorities concerned to take strict action against the smugglers of wheat, sugar and urea, adversely impacting Pakistan’s foreign remittances and usurping the right of Pakistani people.
The prime minister, who chaired a meeting to review the measures to curb the smuggling of the said commodities, the said he would not rest until the country got rid of the menace of smuggling.
The prime minister said he would never allow some black sheep to usurp the country’s foreign remittances and the right of the people of Pakistan. The prime minister formed steering committee for curbing smuggling. The committee would be headed by the prime minister.
He said duo to Allah’s blessing and government’s efforts, the country had got bumper wheat crop breaking the record of last ten years.
He said the people of Pakistan had all the right over this produce achieved consequent to the farmers’ hard work and government’s efforts, despite the heavy rains and floods.
The prime minister reiterated that he would never allow the smugglers to create problems for the people.
He said the government was also carrying out planning to achieve even more wheat production by next year.— Agencies


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