PM Imran warns of increase in coronavirus patients from May 15-20

PM warns world about India's efforts to find pretext for false flag operation

pxISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation on Saturday to apprise it of the ongoing situation created due to the coronavirus pandemic. His team was also present with him.
The premier said the circumstances created by the epidemic across the globe are unprecedented as no government was prepared for such a calamity.
“However, I want to congratulate the nation and thank Allah Almighty as situation is far better in Pakistan than our expectations.
“The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), where data is analyzed on daily basis by experts and doctors, had initially calculated that there will be 50,000 coronavirus patients in Pakistan by April 25 but the figure has now come down to 12,000-15,000.
“This means that we will face no problem this month on this rate concerning hospital facilities which include intensive care, ventilators and oxygen supply for critically ill patients.
“According to the latest calculations, Pakistan will face difficulties from May 15-20 as pressure will increase at the hospitals due to increase in the coronavirus cases. This too can be averted if we take precautionary measures.
“We are lucky at the moment as compared to the rest of the world where fatality rate owing to the pandemic is very high.
“There were only 26 positive cases in Pakistan on March 13 when the lockdown was enforced. Pilgrims coming from Iran were quarantined and people at airports were screened. The government dealt with the pressure. No coronavirus case came from China.
“The reason why the government announced relaxation in the lockdown is because countries like Pakistan cannot be compared with the United States and Europe.
“Policies here have always been made for the elite which is in small number and not for the commoners. Condition of the poor due to the lockdown is a bigger threat than coronavirus.
“The government has launched the Ehsaas programme which the biggest and most transparent scheme in the country’s history, yet many people are out of reach which are still unregistered. The purpose of the lockdown will end if people come out on roads to protest against poverty.
“Pakistan does not have resources like USA, Japan, Germany or other European countries.
“I have seen that people are being beaten by the police over the lockdown violation. I know there is pressure on the officials but the lockdown cannot be maintained by force, it can only be successful if people understand their responsibility themselves.
“I urge all police officials, artists, columnists and religious scholars to educate people and raise awareness among them.
“Ramzan is about to start and people try to stay at mosques and offer prayers as much as possible in this holy month. Everyone should follow the precautions which President Dr Arif Alvi and the religious scholars have decided during their meeting.
“Prayers and social distancing should be given equal importance. A mosque itself will be affected the most if any positive case is reported. Likewise, all factories must follow the rules.
“The government has prepared ordinances against hoarders, profiteers and smugglers. Strict action will be taken against the culprits from now onwards as owners will be arrested instead of managers.”
During the press conference, Special Assistant Dr Faisal said that the unsolved deaths in Karachi were not from coronavirus and only 15 deaths were being investigated. He urged people to practice social distancing in case they experience coughs or a cold as we do not want to put undue burden on the health system. He said that at present, we are not in as difficult a situation as we could have been He also highlighted that statistics are coming in daily from all provinces and global data is also being monitored on a daily basis.
Federal Minister Hammad Azhar said that during the month of Ramadan, the supplies available at utility stores will be increased tenfold and aid will be provided to the unemployed. He also announced bringing loan related schemes, small business related programs and electricity bill aid schemes in the coming weeks.
During the press conference, Federal Minister for Planning, Asad Omar said that the government will continue to make apolitical decisions in the interest of the people. He said that Politics was being played on television by some people which was very unfortunate.
Federal Minister for Planning said that there are thousands of test kits available and medical equipment, facilities and manpower is being constantly increased. He said that periodic relief would be provided to the employers with regard to lockdown while ensuring that precautionary measures are adhered to. Asad Umar said that a toal lockdown was not possible as the poor as well as the middle class would suffer greatly from it. Therefore, the government is trying to bring in a system that would cause fewer problems.
He said that unemployment has increased due to the lockdown and we have compassion for the poor and the working class and understand their pain, but this problem will have to be solved in a way that doesn’t cause the coronavirus to spread.


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