PM Nawaz claims no proofs of corruption found against Sharif family


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Friday reiterated his challenge to the opponents to prove the charges against him as he claimed there are no evidences of corruption against him.
Addressing the crucial meeting of his party’s parliamentarians here, he dared his opponents to bring the proofs, if he has done any corruption.
He also addressed his political rivals and asked them to “level accusations in absence of proofs”, adding his previous governments were toppled over security risks and corruption allegations.
“During the last four years in the government, several power projects worth billions of rupees were launched and some of them completed in different areas including Karachi and Punjab,” he said.
Nawaz Sharif said the country has been passing through ups and downs for 70 years now.
Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan did not attend today’s vital meeting.
He said he believes in rule of law, independence of judiciary and democracy.
He said, “The controversial report by the controversial JIT is a bundle of baseless allegations of our opponents.”
The Prime Minister said the Sharif family has been targeted over its business matters spanning over sixty two years with assumptions and allegations.
He claimed there is not a single sentence in the JIT report which points out corruption committed by him.
The Prime Minister said, “There is not a single case of corruption or malpractice against Shahbaz Sharif and myself during our tenures in the past.”
The Prime Minister said unjustified campaign against government was launched soon after the elections of 2013.
He regretted that elements creating political instability and uncertainty are damaging the country.
The Prime Minister said stock market after touching 54000 benchmark is now witnessing downward trend due to negative situation created in the country.
He said who will hold accountable those who are pushing the country towards darkness.
Nawaz Sharif said,”We launched operation against terrorists with the consultation of armed forces and backbone of terrorists has been broken.”
He said, “Economy of the country is progressing and if there would be no negative politics, hopefully we will achieve the growth rate of six and seven percent and even beyond.”


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