Prolonged power outages perturb masses across country

Protests against load shedding in various cities of KP

ISLAMABAD: The sudden increase in the unscheduled power outages hours has escalated the shortfall up to 7000MW and perturbed masses across the country despite tall claims of the incumbent government of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) to eliminate load shedding till 2018.
The total demand for electricity has surged to 17000MW due to extreme rise in the temperature whereas, around 10,000MW energy is being produced only. The authorities have revealed that government power houses are generating 4000MW power while, 500MW portion of electricity is being added from solar and other sources, but there is no prominent improvement observed in the energy sector.
Officials said the coming days are very crucial as shortfall may fluctuate up to 8000MW with the demand persisting at 22000MW during June-July 2017 whereas the National Power Control Centre has said that the hydro power production has minimized to 2000MW.
On the other hand, the perturbed locals have taken to the streets in Manawan against prolonged load shedding, saying that the urban areas are undergoing 12 hours of power cut whereas rural areas are facing 14 to18 hours of outages amid scorching heat. The protesters said that repeated requests to explain the situation were sent to areas’ water and power secretaries but no step has been taken so far.
Reacting on this intensified situation of load shedding, Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif expressed resentment and said that nation’s woes would not be tolerated. He demanded the authorities to utilize all the resources for the eradication of the energy crisis.


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