Rights group seeks UN probe into torture by India troops in IHK


HELD SRINAGAR: A prominent rights group in occupied Kashmir has demanded of the the United Nations to establish an inquiry commission for probing what it calls the endemic use of torture by Indian forces who have faced a decades-long anti-India uprising in the disputed region.
The Jammu-Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) on Monday released a detailed report saying that the Indian government is using torture as a “matter of policy” and “instrument of control” in Kashmir, where locals have struggled against Indian rule since 1989.
“Torture is the most under-reported human rights violation perpetrated by the state,” the report noted. “Due to legal, political and moral impunity extended to the armed forces, not a single prosecution has taken place in any case of human rights violations” in the region, the report said.
Indian authorities said they would study the report before commenting on it.
In the past, officials have acknowledged torture exists in occupied Kashmir but have denied that Indian forces strategically use sexual and other abuses to control the population.
The 560-page report, researched for a decade, recommends an investigation be led by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. It also urges India to ratify the UN Convention against torture and also allow global rights groups “unhindered access” to occupied Kashmir.– Agencies


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