Sadiq Khan says, Pakistanis are welcome in London

Sadiq Khan

LAHORE: London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said that he welcomes the people of Pakistan to his city.
Talking to media men here on Wednesday, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who reached Lahore from India through Wagah border, said that “Pakistanis are welcome to come to London to study and work. Many successful Londoners who are scientists, teachers, and business owners are Pakistanis.”
Sadiq Khan, who also called on chief minister Shahbaz Sharif, hoped for good deals, friendships, and partnerships and said that London’s citizens have rejected the process of hatred and divide.
“Better trade terms will be formed in coming years between Pakistan and London.”
“After celebrating 70 years of Pakistan this year, I look forward to the next 70 years to celebrate the friendship between London and Pakistan.”


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