SC dismisses petition to halt NA-19 by-election

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court pf Pakistan here on Wednesday rejected the petition of former MNA Umer Ayub to halt NA-19 by-election whereas his second petition to review the decision of SC has been accepted for hearing.
A three-member bench headed by Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali dismissed the petition to halt August 16 by-poll in Haripur’s NA-19 after initial hearing however; his second petition, in which SC’s two-member bench ordered re-polling in the constituency, has been accepted for hearing.
The case has also been referred to Chief Justice for the formulation of a larger bench.
Umer Ayub’s lawyer Akram Sheikh argued that a two-member bench cannot change the verdict of a three-member bench.
He said that the three-member bench ordered re-polling in seven constituencies whereas the two-member bench on the plea of the opponent Amir Zaman altered the previous decision and ordered re-polling in the whole constituency.
The court while accepting the review plea adjourned the hearing till indefinite period.


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