SC rejects FIA’s plea for closing file of Asghar Khan case

FIA recommends closure of Asghar Khan case due to lack of evidence

ISLAMABAD: Rejecting the FIA’s recommendations, the Supreme Court (SC) has decided not to close Asghan Khan case on Friday.
Heading a bench of the apex court, Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar said that the FIA had recommendation closure of the Asghar Khan case. He remarked, “how could we reverse the supreme court’s decision”, saying that the court would order more investigation into the case.
The heirs of Asghan Khan had also requested the Supreme Court not to close the file of the case.
The chief justice remarked Asghar Khan had made such a big effort, but when the time for implementation came, the FIA expressed inability. He said, “we will not let the efforts of Asghar Khan go in waste and would order further investigation”. He said that the court would also seek reply from the FIA and cabinet as cases of some people were sent to the federal cabinet for action.
The apex court also issued notice to secretary defence about action against the military officials, who were involved in the case. The court adjourned the hearing till January 25.


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