Sharifs threatening NAB, judiciary after their corrupt practices exposed: Imran

PTI forms parliamentary board for tickets' distribution in FATA

ISLAMABAD: Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan on Monday said the Sharif brothers are issuing threats to National Accountability Buereu (NAB) and the senior judiciary after having “their billions in corruption exposed”.
In his latest criticism of Sharifs, the PTI chairman termed their behaviour as shameful and unacceptable.
Imran also claimed that the people will not the “Sharif dictatorship” to continue and referred to their rule as fironiyat.
Earlier, the PTI chairman alleged that the Sharif family was destroying the moral values of the country’s youth.
“Shameful! In no democracy in the world would [would] this be acceptable: A disqualified money launderer’s face on a govt health card! Apart from using taxpayer money to protect criminals, Sharif mafia destroying moral values of our youth: As if nothing wrong with corruption/money laundering,” Imran had tweeted.



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