Sikh community holds demonstrations in Lahore to mark 21-year anniversary of Golden Temple

LAHORE: Sikh community organized demonstrations on Saturday to mark 21st anniversary of Indian armed forces violent attack on Golden Temple. Slogans were raised against Indian government and army on the occasion.
Golden Temple is a sacred site for Sikhs of Amritsar which was home to leader of Khalistan Movement Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.
On June 6 1984, Indian Army attacked the temple and killed thousands of Sikhs in the process.
Marking the 21st anniversary of the occasion, Sikhs gathered in Lahore to hold demonstrations.
Shouting slogans against Indian government and army, demonstrators vowed never to forgive the murders of their kin.
The demonstrators present at the occasion also expressed their belief to continue their struggle till they have achieved independence.



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