Taliban must endorse constitution of Afghanistan: Abdullah Abdullah


KABUL: Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan Dr Abdullah Abdullah on Wednesday rejected the prospects for the creation of an interim government in Afghanistan, saying there is no possibility for the creation of an interim administration, as it does not support the interests of the country.
He said that a peace process in which the rights of the citizens of Afghanistan are sacrificed has no credibility and that no one maintains the right to change the name of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Speaking at a ceremony in Kabul, marking the 17th anniversary of the ratification of Afghanistan’s Constitution, the CEO reiterated that the Taliban can only join the peace talks under the umbrella of the Afghan government.
The Taliban are continuing the war under the pretext of the foreign troops’ presence and as an excuse for not attending peace talks with the Afghan government, he said.
“If we talk about an interim government, then it would be an interim government in which Dr Simar Samar served as deputy and I was served as foreign minister. I don’t think this time that arrangements will be like that, our politicians should realize this fact and it will not happen. If it happens, it will not be in the interests of Afghanistan,” said Abdullah.
Abdullah said that undertaking peace talks from multiple locations wasn’t compliant with the national interests of Afghanistan.
He said the Taliban must endorse the constitution and hold talks within the framework of the Afghan government.
“They (Taliban) say that they do not want to talk with the Afghan government, yet they have accepted committing unforgivable crimes,” said Abdullah.
“If they violate the constitution again under the pretext of peace, once more there will be bullying and victimization,” said Sima Samar, chairperson of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC).
Meanwhile, President Ashraf Ghani’s Second Vice President, Mohammad Sarwar Danish, in a meeting with Wade Warren, the acting chief of the USAID said the draft agreement for peace which was prepared by the US-based RAND Corporation, impedes the efforts for peace by the Afghan government and its international partners. No one can ignore the status of the Afghan people and the government in the peace negotiation process.
“No government, no institution and no personality, except the Afghan government has the authority to decide on issues such as peace and other major national issues of Afghanistan,” said Mohammad Hedayat, media advisor to Danish.
“Any proposal which contradicts the Constitution of Afghanistan is unacceptable,” said MP, Ali Akhlaqi.
The Afghan government has previously said that it will not compromise the rights of the Afghan people in the peace process.– Agencies


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