Tax payers to be treated as VIPs, promises PM Imran Khan

PM Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday said that the tax payers in the country will be treated as VIPs and adding that indirect taxes are burden on the poor .
He was addressing a ceremony, where in awards were handed over to top tax payers of the country. Former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was also invited to the ceremony as fifth top tax payer, but he did not attend the ceremony.
The prime minister said 1.7 million tax payers could not take the burden of 210 million population. “Those who should have been paying taxes don’t, becoming burden on common man, said the prime minister.”
“If the collective mindset isn’t changed then things will get worse,” warned the premier. He said that the government had no alternative but to hike the gas prices as not doing so would have ended in their closure.
“Now we are lagging behind the most in the sub-continent,” said the prime minister. He said that those people who pay the most tax and such citizens should be facilitated and honoured.
The premier said there was a need to change the mindset under which wealth creation was considered a “sin”, so that people could be encouraged to invest in Pakistan.
Earlier, Finance Minister Asad Umar said the government was reforming the existing tax structure to facilitate taxpayers and eradicate obstacles faced by them.
He said he would call the non-tax payers as ‘super dacoits.’
Taking a jibe at the opposition, Umar said: “They come to the National Assembly to hurl abuses at us. And if you go through their tax returns, everything will be exposed”, he added.
He asked what we should call the national wealth plunderers other than a ‘dacoit’. He said the government was going after anyone involved in theft.
The finance minister insisted that no politics was involved in catching the culprits involved in stealing national wealth.
“The message will be conveyed automatically when we nab the big fishes”, he stated. Resultantly those evading taxes will follow the rule and start contributing their share, the minister added.
Describing the complications in the current tax structure, the minister said: “Even families don’t ask such a number of questions, like FBR, while seeing another family for matrimonial purpose.”
He said the public money couldn’t be used for personal properties.
“You can drive luxurious vehicles and we don’t have any issues with it, but we won’t allow creating properties with taxpayers’ money in Switzerland and other countries,” he said.
Asad Umar said the public money should only be used for public welfare.


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