Turn next elections into referendum against my disqualification, Nawaz tells party workers


ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif Tuesday asked the party workers to make next general elections as referendum against his disqualification and vowed to continue his struggle for respect for vote.
He was addressing the PML-N Central General Council meeting here. He said that they were electing a new party president as a situation was created to bring them to this point.
Nawaz said the party’s manifesto will consist of four words this time: Vote ko izzat do [respect the vote]. The crowd then chanted the phrase in unison. “You’ll be respected if the vote is respected,” asserted Nawaz.
He said that his disqualification has sent the country into darkness. He said that his government had eliminated loadshedding in the country.
Nawaz claimed that the prime minister often complains to him that he [Nawaz] planned so many development projects that Abbasi gets tired of inaugurating them.
Hitting out at his chief political opponent Imran Khan, Nawaz said you failed to bring about your promised ‘change’.
In an apparent reference to Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar’s remarks about the Punjab government having done nothing to provide people with essentials in its decade-long stint, Sharif said the work his younger brother had done in the past ten years was never done in the 70 years.
He affirmed that he didn’t have any personal agenda, but wanted to see the nation move forward, adding his agenda was the development of Pakistan.
Reacting to Monday’s Senate election, Sharif said the people who would talk big that they would make new Pakistan saw themselves and others bowing before the powers-that-be.
“Who are they. What are their services to the country. They all are just puppets playing to the tunes of others,” the PML-N leader said.
“You have lost even if you won,” Sharif said and added the nation knew them, labeling them as hypocrites. “Your deeds and words are poles apart.”


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