Two held for beating up BRT guards

Two held for beating up BRT guards
Two held for beating up BRT guards

PESHAWAR (Khyber News) : Police have arrested two people for trespassing on the BRT corridor and beating up guards.

A police official said that two of the trespassers were arrested after identification by the closed-circuit television camera footage. He further said that, the identification of other mobsters was under way.

The official said the police had registered an FIR against the accused under Pakistan Penal Code sections 337(A2), 337(F2), 427 and 506 for the injuries and criminal intimidation of guards, and damage to BRT property.In addition to that, he said the police had received a formal request from the relevant department for action against BRT corridor trespassers.

Police say authorities have sought action against corridor trespassers. Moreover, an official of the Hashtnagri police station claimed that no one was injured in the incident.

Earlier, TransPeshawar chief executive officer Fayyaz Khan told Dawn that the company was gathering details of the incident for legal action.

TransPeshawar, the government-owned company, has been formed to manage the BRT operations.

A spokesman for the company said the mob didn’t damage the BRT machinery.

“We’re carrying out surveillance. The situation is under control,” he said. “The situation is likely to normalise within a couple of days,” he said.
Videos shared on social media showed a large number of people enter the BRT corridor on the GT Road and many beat up guards.

The torn uniforms and bruised faces of guards were visible in pictures shared on social media.

Some trespassers were heard urge the crowd beat up guards. Some gunshots were also heard. However, it was not clear who fired bullets.

A video showed a large number of people jump over closed fare gates at a BRT station.PM Imran Khan had formally launched the much-delayed BRT project on Thursday afternoon before the bus service was opened to people at around 5pm. Thereafter, a large number of commuters showed up at BRT stations across the city to enjoy the ride despite scorching heat.

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