Two more death row prisoners hanged in Punjab jails

MULTAN/ATTOCK: Two condemned prisoners have been hanged till death separately in Multan and Attock in Tuesday’s wee hours.
A death row prisoner, Muhammed Ali Karim, has been hanged on the gallows in Attock’s District Jail in today’s dark hours. The criminal slew a woman, Parveen Akhtar, during a robbery in 2003.
According to the jail sources, the Pindi Gheb police registered the murder case against him. A sessions judge awarded him capital punishment in 2004, the jail sources said.
Another condemned murderer has met his hanging fate in Multan’s Central Jail early this morning.
The death house inmate, Muhammed Akhtar, killed a man over bad blood in 1999.

A murder case was lodged in Sarai Sidhu of Khanewal. 


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