US calls for Pakistan to take decisive action against terrorism

Trump signs executive orders against social media companies

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump on Monday unveiled a new national security strategy, calling for Pakistan to take decisive action against terrorism.
In a wide-ranging speech, Trump said his security strategy for the first time addresses economic security and would include a complete rebuilding of US infrastructure.
Trump said the United States wanted Pakistan to take decisive action to help fight extremism.
The security strategy paper also reiterates Trump’s earlier stance on Pakistan’s “destabilizing role” in Afghanistan, when he outlined his broad strategy in August. At that time he said, “Pakistan often gives safe haven to agents of chaos, violence, and terror. The threat is worse because Pakistan and India are two nuclear-armed states whose tense relations threaten to spiral into conflict.”
The new strategy paper once again calls on Pakistan to desist from engaging in “destabilizing behavior” in Afghanistan. But what should be worrying for Islamabad is a clear call to end its “support for militants and terrorists” who target US personnel as well as interests in the region. This, the strategy paper says, could undermine the historic strategic relationship between the US and Pakistan.
Putting Pakistan on notice, it says “no partnership can survive a country’s support for militants and terrorists who target a partner’s own service members and officials.”
Instead, it calls for Pakistan to take “decisive action against militant and terrorist groups operating from its soil.”


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